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newcastle-wedding- blackhorse-beamish-northeast-56

It was a beautiful day and with the sun shining we headed out to photograph Ray and Sophie’s wedding. With the couple choosing to use us a little differently before the ceremony, we headed out to Gateshead.

We arrived at Ray’s house where he was getting ready with the lads. We weren’t there for long, as we captured a few photographs of Ray giving the lads gifts, followed by some fun portraits in the house and the back garden.

After this, we headed over to Sophie’s parents house near Ponteland. When we arrived it was just about time for Sophie to get into her dress. Everything was calm and relaxed and before we knew it, it was time to head over to the church in the centre of Ponteland.

Inside the church, we were told not to take photographs at the front, so we had to make do with capturing what we could. House rules. After the ceremony finished however, we had all the freedom to capture what we wanted. Sophie and Ray opted not to spend a long time with group photographs, so after about 10 or 15 minutes, the guests we all on the coach and off to the Black Horse Pub.

Upon arrival, guests were mingling and drinking outside and making the most of the sunshine. With time tight, it was time for guests to go into the breakfast room and start the speeches.

Once guests had finished their meals, they made their way upstairs for the evening function. With a bit of time to go before the first dance, guests made the most of the weather, drinking and relaxing on the terrace. Once the first dance arrived, it was a lovely close and personal moment, with guests surrounding them in the smallest of spaces.

It was a great moment to celebrate their day and mark the start of the rest of their lives together..

Wedding Details

The photographs you see above were taken on a Canon 5D mk iii and a Canon 7D mk ii camera using a variety of different lenses.

The couple booked the Single Photographer Package which gave them one photographer for the whole day.

Wedding Date:
# of Photographers: One

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